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PrivateVPN - Choose the plan that fits you

Connect as many as 50 devices to the VPN server

PrivateVPN is backed by VPN One Click - a popular VPN service

Dedicated VPN Server

Be in control of your VPN server, manage devices via a control panel. When you rent one of our server, you get access to a control panel where you can enable up to 50 devices to be connected to the VPN.

Dedicated IP Address

Get a static IP address with PrivateVPN which would be reserved to you only. This dedicated IP address provided to you is not a public IP address and hence not blocked by telecom operators.

High Connection Speed

PrivateVPN offers you higher connection speeds even at peak hours due to the dedicated nature of VPN servers.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer our customers round the clock customer support. You can get in touch with our technical support team via email or live chat.